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Some open problems in PDE control

le 21 mars 2012

14H - Groupe de travail "Applications des Mathématiques"

ENS Rennes Bâtiment Sauvy, Salle 5 (rdc)

Séminaire de Enrique Zuazua (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics) au groupe de travail "Applications des mathématiques"

Lien vers la page Web de l'orateur Résumé : The field of PDE control has experienced a great progress in the last decades, developing new theories and tools that have also influenced other disciplines as Inverse Problem, Optimal Design and Numerical Analysis. PDE control arises in most applications ranging from classical problems in fluid mechanics or structural engineering to modern molecular design experiments. From a mathematical viewpoint the problems arising in this field are extremely challenging since the existing theory of existence and uniqueness of solutions and the corresponding numerical schemes is insufficient when addressing realistic control problems. Indeed, the design an efficient controller requires a depth understanding of how solutions depend on the various parameters of the problem (shape of the domain, time of control, coefficients of the equation, location of the controller, nonlinearity in the equation,...) In this lecture we shall briefly discuss some important advances and some challenging open problems related mainly with the heat and the wave equation.

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Erwan Faou et Yannick Privat

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