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Phase-field models with nonlocal interactions

le 23 mai 2012

15H - Groupe de travail "Applications des Mathématiques"

ENS Rennes Bâtiment Sauvy, Salle 5 (rdc)

Séminaire de Maurizio Grasselli (Politecnico di Milano) au groupe de travail "Applications des mathématiques"

Lien vers la page Web de l'orateur Résumé : This talk will be mainly devoted to a phase field model of Caginalp type where the nonlocal interactions are not approximated as it is usually done. I intend to present a number of results with particular regard to the longtime behavior of solutions. If time permits, the so-called nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard equation will also be briefly analyzed.

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Erwan Faou et Yannick Privat

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