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Mathematics Magisterium

Tuition, lasting 4 years or 3 years as part of an accelerated programme, is organized in close partnership with the Université de Rennes 1. It is structured around a Mathematics Magisterium for normalien students and students admitted through jury admission, and a one-year preparation for the Mathematics Agrégation.

The Magisterium is intensive, high-level training, within the framework of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mathematics and also includes courses in supernumeraries, supplementary mathematics courses, reading groups, talks on the initiation of research and research placements in laboratories in France and abroad.
The many existing partnerships offer each student the opportunity of completing 1 or 2 semesters in a foreign university during their course, either in a European country (Italy, Great Britain, Germany etc.) or outside Europe (USA, Canada, Japan, etc.).

Double programme :

At the same time as the Magisterium, students are able to study for a second Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or in Physics, which can sometimes lead to a second Master1. Modules in Biology and Economics can also be envisaged.

Accelerated programme :

Students who so wish may obtain the Bachelor’s Degree (L3), the Master’s Degree and the Agrégation in 3 years only. For example, they follow Master 1 modules starting in the 1st year, begin the Master 2 in the 2nd year and complete it in the 3rd year, while at the same time preparing for the Agrégation. In this way, they can begin research work as of the 4th year.

Preparation for the Agrégation :

This is a priority objective in the 3rd year. Passing this competitive exam is, of course, necessary for future professors, but it is also an additional asset for those who wish to pursue a career in research.

Research training :

This begins from the very first years at the school (placements in laboratories, additional courses, reading groups, talks, etc.), and then at the Master 2 level with specialization possible across the whole spectrum of Mathematics, from the most fundamental to the most applied, in a French or foreign university. It continues with the preparation of a PhD, after obtaining a research grant, for 3 years. Students who choose to remain in Rennes join the Master 2 programme and then undertake their thesis at the IRMAR (Institut de recherche mathématique de Rennes - Mathematical Research Institute of Rennes), at the IRISA (Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires - Institute for Research in Computing and Random Systems), or at the CREST (Centre de recherche en économie et en statistique - Centre for Research in Economics and Statistics).

Date of update May 10, 2017